The Future History of FileMaker and Claris

At DevCon this morning, CEO Brad Freitag announced that FileMaker is rebranding as Claris. The presentation concluded with their new mission statement, “Power to the Problem Solvers.” We couldn’t be more excited about this change.

To celebrate this milestone, it’s worth remembering where we came from. So here’s the history of FileMaker and Claris:

The history of FileMaker and Claris

The history of FileMaker and Claris from 1984 through 2038.

[bctt tweet=”‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past’ – Faulkner, on @FileMaker and software legacies” username=”seedcode”]

If you’d like to play with this calendar in FileMaker, here’s the file we used to create this timeline. This also contains the long time scales demo we’ve been showing in our DevCon booth, so don’t hesitate to turn on the SCIFI calendar and slide horizon view out a few thousand years. The online version of this calendar was created with DayBack’s sharing feature. Learn more here: publish your calendar.

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  • It’s nice to see that we’ll finally get to host Claris Engage in Minneapolis. Haha! That’s probably the most amusing part. 😉

  • Hilarious! Thanks for this. And thanks for the pics! See you in Nashville.

  • Michael Wallace

    Nothing in the SCIFI or Claris History sections

    • seedcode

      Thanks for downloading the example file, Michael. Neither calendar has anything happening “today”. I think you just need to zoom way out on horizon view to see things in the SCIFI calendar (like 4000 years) and then zoom out about 40 years in the Claris History calendar and then navigate “back” to about 1984. Hope that helps!

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