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FileMaker 19 Calendar Add-On

June 10, 2020

We’ve packaged up DayBack Calendar as an add-on: and if you watch the video below, I think you’ll agree that FileMaker 19 add-ons are a game-changer for developers. What Are FileMaker 19 Add-Ons? “Add-on” can refer to both the new objects being inserted into your file–a chart widget, for example, could be called an add-on. […]

New – DayBack Calendar for FileMaker 19

May 24, 2020

Here it is. The best calendar we’ve ever built is also the easiest to integrate and customize. We’ve been eagerly anticipating a few of the changes in FileMaker 19 that let high-end add-ons like DayBack integrate seamlessly with FileMaker. And we’ve done a lot of work to make sure FileMaker developers can customize every aspect […]

Reschedule Multiple Events

March 23, 2020

Your calendar’s latest power-up: now select multiple events and reschedule them all at once. Multiple-selection is a free in-app update to DayBack for FileMaker. Here’s how it works… Multiple-selection makes it easier to reschedule whole projects and to shift your plans from one day to another. Do More • Drag events to reschedule them or […]

Color Coding Your FileMaker Calendar by Resource

March 8, 2020

By default, DayBack color-codes your events by their status: more precisely, by whatever you’ve mapped to the status field. Coloring by status makes sense since many of DayBack’s scheduling views already put events into their own columns or rows by resources. But if you’d like to add a second color for the event’s resource, you […]

Resource Scheduling Grid in FileMaker

December 25, 2019

DayBack’s scheduling grids highlight gaps in your schedule across multiple weeks, so you know if you’re on track or overextended. These multi-week views are designed to be customized, and we’ve recently helped a customer create an exquisite depiction of their workload. A Customized Scheduling Grid SeedCode’s Ann Kiser customized this view in collaboration with our […]

Unicode Emojis in Calendar Events

October 18, 2019

DayBack Calendar lets you style your events with colors, icons, and custom CSS. This means you can make a visual sense of even an extremely dense and complex schedule. For example, you can add Font Awesome icons to the summary of any event. While Font Awesome icons are great for many solutions, they look flat and […]

Calendar Flags + FileMaker Konferenz

October 14, 2019

Here’s a great trick for highlighting a found set in your FileMaker calendar. Gerhard Huber customized his copy of DayBack so that when he clicks on an event, the project for that event shows up in the calendar’s left-hand sidebar. At the same time, he adds a flag icon to every event for the same project […]

Filtering DayBack Calendar with a Custom Sidebar

September 26, 2019

Check out this sweet calendar modification by Jeremy Sanchez from aACE Software. I love how the statuses colors advance in chroma as the project moves through stages. Jeremy added FileMaker layout objects and buttons to the left of the calendar to more closely match the rest of the aACE business management software. By adding their […]

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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