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To-Do Lists in FileMaker – New in DayBack Calendar

June 10, 2024

Now create and manage FileMaker to-do lists directly from the Unscheduled Items sidebar in DayBack Calendar. Our latest extension brings to-do behavior to any FileMaker table. Like unscheduled items, this behavior is based on a new checkbox field in your table, so some or all of your records in the table can be treated as to-dos. […]

Improved Resource Selection

May 1, 2024

We’ve made some big changes to how you filter and assign resources when editing events in DayBack. These changes will make it much easier to work with large numbers of resources, especially for folks assigning multiple resources to the same event. Watch a video of the new behaviors and learn more here: Adding Multiple Resources […]

Suggesting Appointment Slots

March 12, 2024

Show Available Slots that Match Multiple Criteria Schedulers often look for gaps in their schedules to find the open resources for each opportunity. But sometimes, gaps don’t tell the whole story. You may have invisible criteria like skill-matching, cleaning requirements, or multiple resources to schedule at once. Or you may be on the phone with […]

New Longer Timescales for DayBack

December 19, 2023

Resource Scheduling Swimlanes You can now extend the pivoted scheduling view in DayBack to show items by week instead of solely by day. This lets the swimlanes in your schedule present your resource allocations for up to 23 weeks at a time (almost six months). In the screenshot above, most installation and training appointments take […]

FileMaker Summer Camp – Recap

November 12, 2023

Unconference Sessions If you missed Pause in October, here’s a look at the sessions that attendees hosted. All the sessions are listed in this post on the Pause blog, along with some photos attendees took mid-session. Schedule KC and Jason from SeedCode created this year’s Pause schedule in a customized version of DayBack. This lets […]

Subscribe to DayBack Updates & Status

August 3, 2023

Subscribe to DayBack’s latest features and example code at our new site: You’ll find new features and documentation, as well as the status and uptime history for DayBack’s servers. You can subscribe to server uptime notifications as well. Most big new features will get a blog post on, but the updates site also […]

DayBack Calendar in Claris Pro

April 22, 2023

DayBack for FileMaker 19 works great in Claris Pro with no changes required. The older DayBack Classic also works in Claris Pro, but requires a few changes.

Closed Through the New Year

January 16, 2023

SeedCode is closed for our holiday break from December 19th through the end of the year. We’ll have folks available in case of emergencies and will reply to non-emergency emails with a short note before we resume work when we’re back in January. The team here wishes all our customers a restful holiday and every […]


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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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